Commitment to the production process

We believe in a work culture based on dialogue and safety and in the importance of promoting an ethical and sustainable supply chain


In the manufacturing process side, the Group defined an Environmental Policy and an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified according to ISO 14001:2015 for all the main shipyards.

Sanlorenzo is also reducing the impact caused by its usage of electricity, increasing the self-generated capacity through an important investment in solar panels in three of its main sites, Ameglia, La Spezia and Viareggio. In 2024 some plants will consume up to 45% self-produced renewable electricity. In addition, with the goal of reducing Scope 2 emissions, in 2023 Sanlorenzo purchased Guarantees of Origin: due to this operation, the Ameglia shipyard (Group headquarters) was the first to procure 100% renewable electricity.

Sanlorenzo is also starting a path to take onboard our supply chain in our sustainability journey, starting with extensive ESG assessments of our suppliers.
Sanlorenzo yachts are born and evolve thanks to an unparalleled wealth of skills and know-how: from the most extreme shaping of a specific type of wood, to elaborate inlays, to the quality of stitching of structured fabrics. Behind the final result lie the highly qualified skills that Sanlorenzo helps to develop and strengthen in cabinetmakers, carpenters, upholsterers, fitters and many other professional figures.


Yacht manufacturing is a very complex process, it requires the work of dozens of professionals. For each direct employee of a yacht builder there are around 9 indirect employees, it’s one of the industries with the higher occupational multiplier. This is why, on the social side, Sanlorenzo is working on several dimensions such as health and safety at work, diversity and inclusion and training. In 2023 only, Sanlorenzo delivered to its employees more than 10,000 training hours.
With regards to occupational health and safety, Sanlorenzo holds an ISO 45001:2018 certification for all its main manufacturing plants. Through the activities of the Sanlorenzo Academy Sanlorenzo wants to play a central role in delivering quality education to preserve and enhance specific technical skills for the yachting industry, which are a unique Italian excellence.