Tomāš Kapička

Tomas has a technical education, is a passionate sailor and has been involved in sales for his entire professional life. He was born in Brno, Czech Republic and he graduated at the Technical University. Shortly after his university career, Tomas took a chance and joined a newly established company as a partner and main salesperson, where he later became CEO. After a successful 10 years of operation where they developed and ran the distribution chain for a leading American CAD software producer, the partners decided to sell the company. Tomas then decided to concentrate more and more on his passion for sailing and started another company, which was named the best new Lagoon distributor worldwide in 2014.

tel +420 774 020 110

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Sanlorenzo Adria is the exclusive representative for Sanlorenzo Yachts in several countries with close historical and geographical connections to the Adriatic Sea, through offices in Zagreb, Sukosan, Vienna, and Prague. Sanlorenzo Adria is always striving to deliver only the highest quality services to our clients.