Dino Mehun

Born in Zagreb, Dino Mehun grew up on the Adriatic coast and is very accustomed to working in a dynamic environment. Besides his studies, he worked as a skipper on family-owned charter yachts during the summer season and as a fitness instructor in the winter season. Dino has a technical as well as a digital marketing background. Yachts have been a passion of his since childhood. He is fluent in both Croatian and English.

tel +385 99 731 0202

Discover Sanlorenzo Adria

Sanlorenzo Adria is the exclusive representative for Sanlorenzo Yachts in several countries with close historical and geographical connections to the Adriatic Sea, through offices in Zagreb, Sukosan, Vienna, and Prague. Sanlorenzo Adria is always striving to deliver only the highest quality services to our clients.